What is terminology?

When you hear the word “terminologist”, how many images usually come to your mind? One image can be that of the person who spends every moment searching in dictionaries and the internet to find new words, new meanings, and their etymologies. Another image can be that of an academic or translator who always spends time with books and papers. There could be many other images which depend on what you know about terminology and how familiar you are with its tasks and projects. If you are a “terminologist”, and people ask you about your occupation, how often do you need to explain what “terminology” is or is not? It is plausible that you need to add that “it is about the languages”: an oversimplified description; or you might mention “specialized languages” and give some examples. At this point, both sides may reach the mutual understanding, because the language studies are much more recognized than terminology. Indeed, for a lot of people, “terminology” is still a puzzling concept.

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