About Author

I started blogging for two reasons. First, I started blogging for making a better use of my free time and enjoy converting my thoughts into words. I am used to think a lot, and writing for me is a technique to organize my mind and put everything in its proper order. Second, I did for practicing on popularization and promotion of knowledge. […]

I am not willing to post a lot, but I try to keep my rhythm as long as I can happen to find enough time. My blog reflects either my personal taste or my professional work as a terminologist. My research profile is terminology planning, language planning and terminology evaluation. I intend to develop the contents based on the academic articles I have read and the knowledge I obtain in my professional life. I am learning simultaneously. I try to support all ideas with reliable resources (as it is common in journal articles); however, blogging for me is a kind of academic hobby. Scientific and academic writing is still my priority.

I have learned a lot since I started my studies in IULA and with the priceless supports and abundant knowledge of M. Teresa Cabré and other professors in IULA. I would like to dedicate my blog to professor Cabré for the major influence and advance she prompted in terminology and for any small piece of knowledge I have learned during these years.

The European Association for Terminology (2017). Newsletter (78).